Wieringen, 2009-2010

Wierdijk-Oost is a proposal for the restoration and preservation of the Wierdijk in Wieringen. The Wierdijk is the manifestation of centuries of change and adaptation to the needs and demands of the time. The concrete question the Province of Noord-Holland posed was how to prevent further decay of the dyke without the dyke losing its unique profile. 

The Wierdijk was created by centuries of social dynamics on the island of Wieringen. This social dynamic forms the basis for the proposal to restore the Wierdijk. As a result of extensive research into the dyke, the island and the polders, a proposal was made for a method for development that originates from, and is connected to, the island and the polder. 

The project was carried out in collaboration with: Arjan Karssen and Arno Vriends, and was made possible by: Seton Beggs, Minja Schotel, Marco Sweering, Thijs Verbeek and Polle Willemsen.

Design and methodology as one entity.
‘DE WIERDIJK, work in progress’
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