Tilburg, 2007

The Waterlabyrinth is a design for the Moerenburg water treatment plant in Tilburg, which also serves as an entrance to the Groene Woud national landscape. The technique behind Water Labyrinth is based on the nature of the purification of water in a helophite system; the alchemical principle of transformation over time. 

A walk over the labyrinthine dike through the filter aims to be an experience that makes this transformation tangible. The path leads through a gate to a water pavilion that tells the story of the origin and course of the water before it enters the filter. The water moves mechanically through the filter and after 6 weeks is cleaned by the helophyte plants and ready to be discharged into the surrounding ditches. 

Due to the height differences in the dike, the walker always connects differently with the slowly flowing water. Bridges, culverts and pumps, necessary to keep the water moving, are designed in such a way that their principles become clear. 

The entire helophyte filter and pavilion is an integral design by Irene Fortuyn in collaboration with Arjan Karssen.  


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