NRC Handelsblad, 2008

The map View of the Netherlands is the result of a collaboration between Irene Fortuyn and the reader of Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. In the Cultural Supplement column, Fortuyn asked readers to respond to four question about the view from their home. 

The answers of the 377 entrants have been incorporated in this map on the topography of the view of the Netherlands. As a thank you for their contribution, all entrant received a numbered and signed copy of the map. 

Assignment week one
In the first week, readers were requested to look out their window and describe their view in single words.
Assignment week two
In the second week, readers were asked to measure their views. The size of the view was associated with the following guiding questions: distance to the other side; how far can be observed; the height and the width of the window; the width of the view; from which floor is the view?
Assignment week three
This week was about the frame of the view. Readers were requested to describe what was in front, against, left, right, above or under their window.
Assignment week four
In the last week, readers were requested to look out their window one last time and describe the most beautiful aspect about their view in one single word.
Overview responses
The four assignments were answered 377 times. After which Irene Fortuyn assembled the answers into the topography of the view of The Netherlands.
Het uitzicht van Nederland
Deze kaart is het resultaat van de reacties van de 377 inzenders die hebben gereageerd op de vier opdrachten.
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