Proposal Alkmaar, 2010 (not realized)

Plug In is a design for a Modular Diagnostic Center in Heerhugowaard. The concept was developed at the initiative of Medical Center Alkmaar and Kunst en Cultuur Noord Holland. 

The starting point for Plug In is to make the environment perceptible and to increase contact between inside and outside. The design therefore takes into account the typology of the environment and the different landscapes form the basis for the choice of materials,

such as the reed land, arable farming, the heathland landscape, the forest area, horticulture and the dune landscape. The design for Plug In focuses on the sensory experience of light, acoustics, smell and feeling. 

Plug In can be applied flexibly in existing situations, such as hospitals, libraries, shopping center, but also in deserts, greenhouses, warehouses and hangars. 

The concept was developed in collaboration with Henk van der Geest, Arjan Karssen and Ine Mulder. 

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