Ospiti, Santuario della Stantissima Annunziata Ghizzano

Ghizzano, 1997

Ghizzano is a Tuscan village which, as many other municipalities in Italy, houses many historical treasures. However, the maintenance of these buildings consumes almost the entire budget for art, leaving little room for contemporary art. 

The prosperous borough of Picciolo, in Ghizzano is located, is an exception to the role. Its residents pay an annual art tax to a private initiative. 

The proposal for this work consisted of two benches in front of the entrance to the chapel of Ghizzano, made of local Carrera marble. Not the beautiful white variant, but the grey, rejected marble. Five marble rolls lie on top the benches, keeping people from sitting on them. They are, as it were, saturated, referring to the extent to which villages and churches like Ghizzano are imbued with history and meaning. 

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