City Circles is a multidisciplinary and design-oriented research tool dedicated to the development of a cross-section of urban areas with a radius of one kilometer. The project aims to inspire, expose and unlock new perspectives and ways of looking at cities. A group of explorers, consisting of designers and researchers, will delve into a number of themes, focusing on the complexity of the urban area in question.

A City Circles project results in a comprehensible overview; a cross-section of an urban area. The findings of the research, in all possible forms, are shared and presented in the center of the circle through an event/exhibition whereby the uncovered data is visualized and made tangible and where there is room for experiential reflection. Each City Circles project is added to the digital archive, making it possible to compare the outcomes of various projects in the future. 

As a bottom-up system for understanding part of a city, City Circles aims to expose that which is often overlooked; the hidden is revealed and the mundane becomes insightful. Even locals, those most familiar with the area, should be surprised by the results. The project intends to raise awareness and provide people with a new perspective on the circle under investigation in particular and the urban environment more generally. 

City Circles is established in collaboration with Joost Grootens and various local and international educational institutions. 

Visit this website for more information about City Circles.

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