Alkmaar, 2010

In Atlas Overstad, the relationship between Overstad and Alkmaar is investigated and visualized on the basis of Ceciel Nyst’s cultural-historical inventory. This cultural biography shows centuries of change of the urban landscape to the needs and demands of the time. 

In addition to an inventory of historical fragments and the documentation of a social history, Atlas Overstad also outlines the process of change, the dynamics of the urban culture of Alkmaar. The buildings, the histories and also the smells of Overstad are part of the experience of the citizens of Alkmaar.  

Atlas Overstad paints a picture of this urban culture and of the identity of the city of Alkmaar. This historically developed identity can contribute to the way we think about the city’s future. 

Atlas Overstad was developed on behalf of the Municipality of Alkmaar and in collaboration with Cultureel Erfgoed Noord-Holland, Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland, Arno Vriends, Ceciel Nyst, Seton Beggs, Johan Leestemaker en Arjan Karssen. 

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