World of Welcome

On the occasion of the centenary of the Peace Palace in The Hague, a visitor center was built at the entrance gate, where a permanent exhibition about the history of the Peace Palace and the [...]


The Tuinbazen project is a long-term project that emerged from research into the changing role of the gardener in the city. 

Veins (Neighbours)

In 1995, the Museu d’Art Contemporani (MACBA), designed by the American architect Richard Meier, opened in the middle of the medieval Gotico district of Barcelona.  Part of the original [...]


Museum van Loon is a seventeenth-century canal house with a historic interior on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. It provides a glimpse of the life that the prominent Amsterdam Van Loon family led [...]

In Zicht

The old proosdijtuin will be the new garden of the new library that was built in 2018 in Deventer. An iconic feature of the garden is the beech tree, which was planted around 1650 and now has a [...]

City Scapes

Cityscapes is a series of photographic portraits of national and international cities based on the north-south axis and east-west axis on the city’s topographic map. 

Het Onbevattelijke

The Inconceivable is a national monument in memory of the victims of senseless violence and to support the next of kin, located in the village of De Wolden in Drenthe. The monument was unveiled [...]

Plug In

Plug In is a design for a Modular Diagnostic Center in Heerhugowaard. The concept was developed at the initiative of Medical Center Alkmaar and Kunst en Cultuur Noord Holland. 


The Waterlabyrinth is a design for the Moerenburg water treatment plant in Tilburg, which also serves as an entrance to the Groene Woud national landscape. The technique behind Water Labyrinth is [...]

De Tuinkamer

Commissioned by Amstelland Hospital in Amstelveen, Fortuyn developed a new design for the quiet room and the adjacent patio garden of the hospital as a place for rest, reflection and inspiration. 

Gebakken Land

Op verzoek van de Gemeente Berkel en Rodenrijs is een visie ontwikkeld op kunst op en met de demarcatielijn die dwars door het nieuw aan te leggen bedrijventerrein Oudeland in Berkel en Rodenrijs [...]

House & Garden

The retrospective exhibition House & Garden at Witte de With, a contemporary art institution in Rotterdam, examines the theme of urban landscape on the basis of various projects. 

Grotestraat-Goorseweg, Diepenheim

Aan het einde van de jaren negentig werd de doorgaande weg van de Twentse gemeente Diepenheim gerenoveerd onder leiding van landschapsarchitect Alle Hosper. Irene Fortuyn werd gevraagd om mee te [...]

Collection Spring

Collection Spring is a series of seven bronze sculptures of tree stumps. Spread throughout the gallery space, the sculptures evoke an image of a forest, though which the visitor can walk. 


Reserve is inspired by the depot of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, a beautiful nineteenth century ‘palace’ for art. In the depot, also called a reserve in Belgium, dozens [...]


In the new town hall of The Hague, a mezzanine was built in a large open space with lots of glass and several offices and a waiting room for visitors. In this space the work Passanten (or, [...]

Dierdonk Helmond

Dierdonk is a newly-built neighborhood on the northeast side of the city of Helmond that was built according to the principle of the garden cities from the 1930s. The layout is spacious and green [...]


In 1998, the new Koningin Wilhelmina Park was built on the former event site of the Confection Center in Slotervaart. An extraordinary city park with surprising elements such as a walking path [...]


In 1991, the retrospective called Marblepublic took place in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The exhibited works were a continuation of the works that Irene Fortuyn made with her husband, who [...]


The work in the Peace Palace is guided by two observations about the building and its function. On the one hand, the Peace Palace is an institution working with an idea on peacekeeping based on [...]

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