Grotestraat-Goorseweg, Diepenheim

Aan het einde van de jaren negentig werd de doorgaande weg van de Twentse gemeente Diepenheim gerenoveerd onder leiding van landschapsarchitect Alle Hosper. Irene Fortuyn werd gevraagd om mee te [...]

The Living Room

Twelve small tents, replicas of The Living Room Gallery, are set up in the exhibition space.


Reserve is inspired by the depot of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, a beautiful nineteenth century ‘palace’ for art. In the depot, also called a reserve in Belgium, dozens [...]


Museum van Loon is a seventeenth-century canal house with a historic interior on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. It provides a glimpse of the life that the prominent Amsterdam Van Loon family led [...]

Plug In

Plug In is a design for a Modular Diagnostic Center in Heerhugowaard. The concept was developed at the initiative of Medical Center Alkmaar and Kunst en Cultuur Noord Holland. 

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