The Tuinbazen project is a long-term project that emerged from research into the changing role of the gardener in the city. 


The work in the Peace Palace is guided by two observations about the building and its function. On the one hand, the Peace Palace is an institution working with an idea on peacekeeping based on [...]

City Scapes

Cityscapes is a series of photographic portraits of national and international cities based on the north-south axis and east-west axis on the city’s topographic map. 

House & Garden

The retrospective exhibition House & Garden at Witte de With, a contemporary art institution in Rotterdam, examines the theme of urban landscape on the basis of various projects. 

In Zicht

The old proosdijtuin will be the new garden of the new library that was built in 2018 in Deventer. An iconic feature of the garden is the beech tree, which was planted around 1650 and now has a [...]


Museum van Loon is a seventeenth-century canal house with a historic interior on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. It provides a glimpse of the life that the prominent Amsterdam Van Loon family led [...]

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