Grotestraat-Goorseweg, Diepenheim

Aan het einde van de jaren negentig werd de doorgaande weg van de Twentse gemeente Diepenheim gerenoveerd onder leiding van landschapsarchitect Alle Hosper. Irene Fortuyn werd gevraagd om mee te [...]

Het Onbevattelijke

The Inconceivable is a national monument in memory of the victims of senseless violence and to support the next of kin, located in the village of De Wolden in Drenthe. The monument was unveiled [...]


The Tuinbazen project is a long-term project that emerged from research into the changing role of the gardener in the city. 

House & Garden

The retrospective exhibition House & Garden at Witte de With, a contemporary art institution in Rotterdam, examines the theme of urban landscape on the basis of various projects. 


In 1998, the new Koningin Wilhelmina Park was built on the former event site of the Confection Center in Slotervaart. An extraordinary city park with surprising elements such as a walking path [...]

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